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Plugin Settings

Developers must create a prefix for their plugins in order for them to upload and work correctly in EZLogic:

  • Once created, you need to add this prefix before your plugin name in the ‘id’ field of your plugin config,json file.
  • You must also include the prefix in all paths that identify your plugin in every other script.
  • Both the prefix and plugin name must only contain lowercase letters (a-z), numbers (0-9) and underscores ( _ ).
  • If your prefix is ‘acme’ and your plugin is called ‘my_plugin’, then your config.json ‘id’ field is “acme.my_plugin”.
  • Your .tar.gz file should be called ‘acme.my_plugin.tar.gz’. An example path to your plugin in your scripts is “HUB:acme.my_plugin/scripts/set_item_value”

Any prefixes you create are exclusive to your account. Other developers will see an error if they try to use one of your reserved prefixes.

The prefix becomes part of the plugin name for internal identification purposes. However, the prefix is not visible to other users when they visit EZLogic marketplace.

For example, if you add “id”: “my_prefix.super_duper_plugin” to your config.json file, the plugin is listed as just ‘super duper plugin’ in the marketplace.

Basic flow:

  1. Create your prefix in EZLogic. For example, ‘my_prefix’.
  2. Add your prefix before your plugin name in the id part of your config json. For example “id”: “my_prefix.my_plugin_name”
  3. Ensure your prefix is included in all paths that reference your plugin in all scripts.
  4. Upload to EZLogic.

You can use the same prefix for multiple different plugins. For example, ‘myprefix.plugin_1’, ‘myprefix.plugin_2’, etc.

You can also create multiple different prefixes. For example, if you are creating plugins on behalf of different companies.

If you disable a prefix then you will not be able to reactivate/reserve the same prefix again.

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