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EZLogic plugins are small applications which extend the features of EZLogic, adding functionality that makes it easier for users to complete tasks without knowing code.

MiOS is committed to helping developers create plugins which expand and enhance the core functionality of our products. Our open platform and feature-rich APIs are designed to inspire developers to make truly wonderful plugins of their own.

Users – install a plugin
  • Click ‘Plugins’ > ‘Edge Plugins’ to open the plugin management area.
  • Click ‘Marketplace’ to view all official and community developed plugins.
  • Use the plugin name and ‘Info’ icons to learn about a plugin’s features.
  • Click ‘Copy to My Ezlo’ when you have decided on the plugin you want to install:
  • Click ‘My Private Plugins’ to view your new plugin.
  • Click ‘Manage Installations’ to install the plugin on the controller of your choice:
  • After installing, click ‘Manage Installations’ again then ‘Configure’. Some plugins require you to provide additional information before they will work:
  • Many plugins will create devices which you can view in the ‘Devices’ area. For example, the ‘Ezlo Protocols’ plugin creates 3 new devices as shown below:
  • You can now select and configure these devices in meshbot triggers and actions:
Developers – create your own plugins

Plugin help documentation is hosted on our developer site at https://developer.mios.com/docs/:

The MiOS API offers a robust set of commands and features that let developers easily modify existing functionality or add new functionality.

List of official plugins created by MiOS

MiOS regularly publishes in-house developed plugins to meet the feature requests of the Ezlo community.

  • You can access these plugins in EZLogic by clicking ‘Plugins’ > ‘Edge Plugins’ > ‘Marketplace’.
  • The following list will be updated as we create more plugins:
Name Description Language Type Dependencies
Ezlo Wake on LAN plugin Lets you send commands to wake local area network devices from sleep or hibernation. Simply add the target device’s mac address and port to begin using the plugin in a meshbot action. The target device must support the ‘Wake on LAN’ feature. Lua Gateway Firmware – 2.0 and up
Ezlo Protocols Plugin

Creates 3 devices which you can use to send custom HTTP, TCP or UDP commands in a meshbot:

Triggers – use your own automation solution to trigger Ezlo scenes.

Actions – send commands to target entities using the protocol of your choice.

Each device contains fields that let you customize the request.

Lua Gateway
Ezlo DSC alarm panel plugin Adds support for DSC alarm panels using the EnvisaLink 4 module. Lua Gateway Firmware – 2.0 and up
Ezlo Ping Sensor Plugin Monitors whether a specific device, service or website is reachable. You can trigger notifications or other meshbot actions if the entity goes offline. Lua Gateway Firmware – 2.0.27. 1916 and up
Ezlo WiFi Device Generator Easily create a virtual device capable of sending http commands to any physical WiFi device. This provides fast integration and control of generic WiFi devices without needing 3rd party plugins or logic engines.

For example, you can create virtual switches to send http commands to node-red or IFTTT to control real devices on your network.

You can control your virtual devices via dashboard tiles and you can also use them in meshbot triggers and actions.

The plugin also lets you create shareable templates which other users can download and modify to suit their needs.
Lua Gateway Firmware – 2.0 and up