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Local vs. Global Meshbots

Local meshbots let you interact with devices which have been imported to a specific controller.
You can choose the controller associated with the meshbot at the top-left of the EZlogic interface:
Local vs. Global Meshbots

Global meshbots run in the cloud and are not tied to a specific controller. Local meshbots require you to choose a controller and will only let you create automations for devices paired with that controller. A global meshbot shows devices from all controllers on your account and automatically uses the appropriate controller to execute your automations. This is a much more flexible approach which lets you build a single meshbot featuring devices from different controllers

Global meshbots are also designed to optimize load-balancing and redundancy, especially in larger-scale deployments. Global meshbots have very similar functionality to local meshbots but intelligently deploy rules across all your devices and controllers using our proprietary Meshene AI. This architecture accelerates overall rule execution speeds, eliminates bottle-necks, and offers snappier, tighter integration with NuCAL services and online apps.