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C: Local Variable

‘Local Variable’ is a meshbot controllable which lets you update the value of an existing variable in an action:

Updating the value of a variable will affect all meshbot triggers which feature that variable.

  • You must have saved at least one variable before you can use this controllable type.
  • Click ‘Advanced Scripting’ > ‘Variables’ > ‘Add New Variable’ to create a new variable:
  • You can create and set values of the following types of variables:

    • Integer
    • String
    • Boolean
    • Color
    • Token
    • Scalable
  • See the variables help page if you want to learn more about variable types and how to use them in meshbots.
  • Click here for an example of how to update a variable in an action and use its new value to trigger a scene.
  • There is another, more detailed example of how to use variables on this page.