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What is a Meshbot?

Automation is the beating heart of the MiOS operating system, and meshbots are how you automate tasks beyond what you previously thought possible.

A meshbot is a MiOS application that uses ‘If-Then’ rules to define what happens when a specific trigger event occurs. You can create meshbots to control smart-devices, send notifications to multiple users and channels, integrate cloud services to transform your day-to-day workflows, and more. See ‘What is automation?’ for further examples of what you can do with a meshbot.

There are three types of meshbot you can create:
  • Automation Meshbot – These can connect any device, app or service with any other device, app or service. Automation bots can be triggered by a device, by a time schedule, by a service, by another meshbot, by a script, or by an expression. These triggers can initiate tasks, or ‘actions’, within target apps, services or devices. As a simple example, you can create a meshbot to automatically turn the lights on (action) when a motion detector detects movement (trigger). Or you could set up a scene whereby all security features in your smart-home are enabled once you leave the house.

  • Notification Meshbot – Notification bots let you send alerts over email and to the mobile app about the status of your automation tasks. These bots scale to let you create anything from a simple messaging task up to a comprehensive, policy-based notification framework for enterprise integration and automation tasks.

    • See the Notification Meshbot page for more help with notification meshbots.
    • However, new users might find it easier to send notifications as an action in a local automation meshbot. See notifications as an action for more on this..
  • Interaction Flow Meshbot – Lets you push one of your EZLogic dashboards directly to the MiOS mobile app in response to a trigger event. This allows you to quickly react to the event without needing to navigate multiple menus. You can create custom dashboards using EZlogic’s drag-and-drop interface. The dashboard builder lets you easily visualize and build relationships between apps, devices and services without using code.
EZlogic’s ‘Meshbot Automation’ area is an easy-to-use interface which lets you visualize and quickly create new rules with a few simple clicks. You can sequence multiple rules together with logic gates/operators, create scene groups and more.

See the next section to get started – Create your first meshbot (tutorial).