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Install and Setup Vistacam 700

This guide will teach you how to:

  • Mount and install your Vistacam 700 camera
  • Setup your Vistacam 700 wirelessly

Wireless setup

  1. Firmly press the blue WPS button once, located on the back of the VistaCam 700
  2. The network LED will blink amber, indicating that the pairing process has started On the Vera unit, press the Select button until the Wi-Fi LED blinks Press the Sync button to confirm the selection and go to WPS mode.
  3. After a minute, the green power LED on the back of the camera will be solid and the network LED will begin blinking green

NOTE: The LED will first turn on and then start blinking. It will blink during startup, which will take about a minute. After the startup is completed, the green LED should remain ON.

Mounting and installation

NOTE: Please ensure that the Wireless Full HD IP Camera is configured and added to the network before mounting it.

  • Identify the location for mounting the Vistacam 700 Camera
  • Place the camera in the desired position on the wall/ceiling. Screw the two screws into the wall through the holes of the stand
  • Firmly connect the AC Power Adapter to the VistaCam 700 Power Connection and then plug it into an AC outlet.