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Install and setup VistaCam 1000

Install and Setup VistaCam 1000

This guide will teach you how to:

  • Mount and install your Vistacam 1000 camera
  • Setup your Vistacam 1000 wirelessly

Mounting and installation

1. Mount the VistaCam 1000 on its stand

2. Put one end of the AC power adapter through the plastic cap

3. Put the rubber grommet over the AC power adapter to ensure that the connection is waterproof
4. Screw the plastic cap to back of the camera


5. Connect the other end of the AC power adapter to a power outlet within 3 feet of your Vera controller
6. The green power LED light will be solid for 15 seconds and then it will start blinking

Note: Please ensure that the camera is paired to your network before permanent mounting

The AC power adapter is for indoor use ONLY. It is not weatherized for outdoor placement

Wireless setup

Firmly press the square WPS button once, located on the back of the VistaCam 1000

1. The Network LED will begin blinking amber indicating the pairing process has started

2. Press the Select button, until the Wi-Fi LED blinks

3. Press the Sync button to confirm the selection and activate WPS mode

4. After a minute, the green Power LED on the back of the camera will be solid and the Network LED light will begin blinking green

Note: The unit stays in WPS mode for 2 minutes