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Ezlo Platform: Supported Zigbee Clusters

We are now ready to start sharing the progress on supported Zigbee Clusters and our plan how to support all of them in the upcoming weeks with high performance and great stability.

We will be updating this page after each release.


“S” above means “Sprint” which is a development cycle

You can see above the %age coverage of all Zigbee command classes in a visual format and how we make progress for each release.


“S” above means “Sprint” which is a development cycle. TAM consists of the number of devices that we put as the total addressable market for now. RtOS FW is the FW currently running on Atom and Plughub. Linux FW is our brand new Linux based FW that is being used on Ezlo Plus.

Above you can see how we make progress for each release on the number of Zigbee devices.

Cluster Name Cluster Id Cluster part
Basic 0x0000  
Power configuration 0x0001 BatteryVoltage
ON/OFF 0x0006  
Level Control 0x0008  
Thermostat 0x0201 LocalTemperature
Fan control 0x0202  
Temperature Measurement 0x0402  
Relative Humidity Measurement 0x0405  
Electrical Measurement 0x0B04 RMSVoltage
IAS Zone     0x0500 Motion sensor
Contact switch
Fire sensor
Water sensor
CO sensor

Integrated Devices

# Manufacturer Model Number Device Type
1 Centralite 3200-Gfr 3-Series Smart Outlet Type E
2 Centralite 3200-Sgb 3-Series Smart Outlet Type G
3 Centralite 3200-G/4257050-RZHAC 3-Series Smart Outlet
4 Centralite 3200-Gde 3-Series Smart Outlet (Type F)
5 Sengled E11-G13 Smart LED Bulb
6 Centralite 4257050-ZHAC Lamp Module
7 Centralite 3210-L Smart Plug
8 Sengled E11-N13 Smart Led Bulb
9 Nyce NCZ-3041 Motion Sensor
10 SmartThings IM66001-Mpp01 Multipurpose Sensor
11 Centralite 3323-G 3-Series Micro Door Sensor
12 Centralite 3315-Geu Water Sensor
13 Centralite 3315-G Water Sensor
14 Centralite 3305-G 3-Series Motion Sensor
15 Centralite 3305-Geu 3-Series Motion Sensor
16 Centralite 3300-Geu 3-Series Door Sensor
17 Nyce NCZ-3011 Door/Window Sensor
18 Centralite 3420 Night Light Repeater
19 Nyce NCZ-3014 Garage Door Sensor
20 Sengled E1D-G73 Door Sensor
21 Centralite 3200-Ggb 3-Series Smart Outlet Type G
22 Nyce NCZ-3043 Ceiling Motion Sensor
23 Bosch RFPR-ZB-MSL PIR Motion Detector
24 Iris 3326-L Motion Sensor
25 Iris 3315-L Water Sensor
26 Sercomm SZ-ESW02N Energy Switch
27 Centralite 3146-C Villa In-Wall Relay
28 Centralite 3145-C Villa In-Wall Relay
29 Heiman HS2SK-E Zigbee Smart Metering Plug
30 Centralite 3323-D Micro Door Sensor
31 Centralite 3141-C Villa In-Wall Dimmer
32 Sengled EN12-N14 Smart LED Bulb
33 Centralite 3140-C In-Wall Dimmer
34 Centralite 3328-G 3-Series Micro Motion Sensor
35 Heiman HS1SA-E Smart Smoke Sensor
36 Sercomm SZ-SMK02 Smoke Alarm
37 Centralite 3200-fr 3-Series Smart Outlet
38 Sengled E13-A21 Element Bulb
39 Centralite 4200-C 4-Series Smart Outlet
40 GE/Jasco ZB4101/45853GE-1 Plug-In Smart Switch
41 Sengled E1C-NB6 Element Outlet
42 Sercomm SZ-DWS08N Door/Window Sensor
43 Sercomm SZ-WTD03N Water Detector
44 Sercomm SZ-DWS04 Door/Window Sensor
45 Jasco ZB3101/45852GE Smart Plug-In Dimmer
46 Bosch RFDL-ZB Motion Detector
47 Sercomm SZ-PIR02 Motion Sensor
48 Bosch RFMS-ZBMS-3 Multi Sensor
49 Nyce NCZ-3010 Door Hinge Sensor
50 Sercomm SZ-PIR04N Motion Sensor
51 Sengled E13-N11 Smart LED with Motion Sensor
52 Philio PSG03-1 Smoke Sensor
53 Philio PAN13-1 On/Off Plug
54 Sylvania 73739 Smart Light Bulb
55 Peanut PP1-WHT-US Plug
56 GE/Jasco ZB3001 Dimmer Switch
57 GE/Jasco (Enbrighten) ZB3002 In-Wall Smart Dimmer
58 GE/Jasco ZB4001 In-Wall Smart Switch
59 GE/Jasco (Enbrighten) ZB4002 In-Wall Smart Switch
60 GE/Jasco (Enbrighten) ZB4102 Plug-in Smart Switch
61 Sylvania 72922-A Smart Plug
62 Sengled E12-N14 Smart LED Bulb
63 SmartThings IM6001-OTP04 Outlet
64 Sonoff S31 Lite Smart Plug
65 Hibro rSA-003 Smart Plug Outlet
66 Innr SP224 Smart Plug
67 Ecolink DWZB1-ECO Wireless Door/Window Contact
68 Ecolink PIRZB1-ECO Pet Immune Motion Detector
69 Ecolink FLZB1-ECO Wireless Flood Sensor