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What is Geofencing and which Ezlo controllers support it?

Geofencing lets you trigger device actions based on your location – or more specifically, the location of your phone. You first provide the Ezlo app with permission to access your location then you set up a zone which should be monitored. For example, the zone might be a circle around your house. You can then trigger device actions, house modes or scenes based on whether you are inside or outside this zone. For example:

  • Switch on the tv and turn on the lighting as soon as you enter the zone when you come home from work.
  • Send you an alert if you travel outside a 100 metre radius of your house without locking the windows.
  • Set a wide 10-mile zone that will start up your heating as you are driving back from work.

Geofencing is not available with Ezlo Atom, but is available with all other Ezlo controllers – Plus and Secure.