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What about control panels and key fobs?

Q: What about a control panel, as on other security systems?

A: The Ezlo platform has them too. If you want a wall-mounted security panel, such as found on traditional alarm systems, you can add one. Ezlo is fully compatible with many accessory control panels from a variety of manufacturers (look for those using the Z-Wave, Zigbee or VeraLink protocol). With Vera’s mobile apps, however, you have several advantages over a traditional panel, including the ability to control things from outside the home — and best of all, they’re free!

Q: I don’t like having to use my phone, computer, tablet just to change modes or dim a light remotely — is there any easier way to control things?

A: Yes, get a key fob. An accessory Z-Wave, Zigbee or VeraLink key fob looks similar to a car key fob, and can be used while you are home, to control any aspect of your Ezlo system that you want. A key fob can unlock and lock doors, turn on or off lights, adjust the thermostat, or even change modes.