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Can I bridge two controllers?

A: Yes! For large homes or situations where there are many devices, it is helpful to add a second Ezlo controller to your system. This is called “bridging” controllers.

When you bridge controllers, one unit (usually the first you installed) acts as the “master,” and the second unit is considered the “secondary.”

Steps to bridge your controllers:

Note: Both units must be connected to the same network

  1. Open the Vera app.
  2. Go to the Dashboard of the master controller (the first one installed).
  3. Make sure ‘Auto detect devices on your home network’ is enabled on the master controller (Settings > Net & Wifi).
  4. Click ‘Devices’ > ‘Add device’.
  5. Scroll down and click add ‘UPnP devices’.
  6. Enable the checkbox ‘Scan for UPnP devices’ and press ‘Next’.
  1. Wait approximately 10 minutes for your master controller to scan the secondary controller on your network
  2. You will see your gateway in the list as ‘Mios_serialNumber’ – click the ADD button.